This weekend has been pretty good so far. I went to Leah's after school yesterday cuz i missed her being out those two days. Then, I was supposed to go bowling with Justine and Ashley but couldnt get a ride so i just stayed home and did my IS project. Then my cousin devon called and asked if i wanted to watch a movie or something. So we ended up watching Donnie Darko which is a really interesting movie. You really have to pay attention and think though. So she left at like 2 am so i went to bed and woke up today at 2pm. I called Paige and she came her and hung out. It was soooo much fun. Paige is one very cool person. I am going to hang with Ashley tomorrow cuz she is going to help me get ready for Dance Team tryouts which i am sooo nervous about. I am so glad she is helping me. We got our report cards today and i was really pleased with it. I need to bring up my geometry grade a lot for this quarter though.Well i should get going cuz i still got a lil bit of homework to do. Talk to everyone later.