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I couldn't choose one but you get the point.

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I meant to put up a banner a long time ago but havent gotten around to it. Now i am putting one up.

Comment to be added!!



Hey everyone!! This is my entry into the ptsa writing contest. The topic is a "different kind of hero". Some of the parts of my story are based on real people and of course the end is fiction, but i want to know what u think. BE HONEST!!!! Thanx


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Dude the last entry in my livejournal was not written by me. Someone signed in with my password. The police showed up cuz someone from Seattle called and said that i was gonna kill myself. Lol i was upset tonight but not anywhere near killing myself. Geez i didnt even realize this was written until they left. I am not going to kill myself. Lol. Anyways alot of ppl have my password so i am not gonna even begin to think about who it could be, but i am gonna change my password. This is quite funny now that i think about it but geez when the police showed up i almost wet myself. Anyways.......talk to you all later.
I was kinda pissed we didnt have school today. All in all Clawson is my safe haven to get away from this place called a home. I mean dont get me wrong i love my Dad and Amie and all but with my mom's trial wrapping up and all the other shit its chaos. Anyways i am escaping to the mall tomorrow with either Leah or Clare or maybe both. I love how my two worlds collide so nicely at times and crash at other times. I still havent gotten my permit but dad promises to take me monday. He better stay true to his word this time cuz i got dance tryouts tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. No one really understands how bad i want this. Dance is my thing. Its the only thing i am good at and even that is probably not good enough. I mean no matter what went on in my life i always went back and danced. I turned to it and it saved me. I have my doubles down pretty good and my sutes are pretty fair but i can always improve. Thats what i plan to do this weekend. I swear if it wasnt for Katelyn, Ashley, and Marie giving me advice i would be screwed. Oh well it is late and i cant sleep again. Dad and Amie leave tomorrow night and i still am not sure what is going on after there gone. I think u catch my drift......or not. Talk to you later.

Happy B-Day Beth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh wow so much is going on!! I cant even keep it all straight!! I love clawson cuz despite popular belief there are things to do there. U just gotta know where to look ;). I have basically just been practicing for dance tryouts and hanging out with a bunch of ppl. Clawson is so turbulent i am trying just to hold on! Who know so much could go on at such a small school. Today was ashley and my dads birthdays! Happy birthday everyone!! Yesterday i went to Access with Spencer, Leah, Clare, and Whitney. I had alot of fun there. Tomorrow i dont have school so i hopefully can finally get my permit. We where gonna have an std reunion but it turns out they dont have school tomorrow. I need to get Beth's present to her though cuz tomorrow she will be 15!! Everyone is growing up so quick! I want to go spend my birthday money saturday. I will probably blow it all at hot topic. Std ppl would call me a poser if they heard me say that. If only they knew Clawson is the only place i can truly be myself. My parents our going outta town this weekend too so i am not sure what is going on. I have some plans but hey i am not posting them here...lol. Well i gotta go. Talk to you later.
This weekend has been pretty good so far. I went to Leah's after school yesterday cuz i missed her being out those two days. Then, I was supposed to go bowling with Justine and Ashley but couldnt get a ride so i just stayed home and did my IS project. Then my cousin devon called and asked if i wanted to watch a movie or something. So we ended up watching Donnie Darko which is a really interesting movie. You really have to pay attention and think though. So she left at like 2 am so i went to bed and woke up today at 2pm. I called Paige and she came her and hung out. It was soooo much fun. Paige is one very cool person. I am going to hang with Ashley tomorrow cuz she is going to help me get ready for Dance Team tryouts which i am sooo nervous about. I am so glad she is helping me. We got our report cards today and i was really pleased with it. I need to bring up my geometry grade a lot for this quarter though.Well i should get going cuz i still got a lil bit of homework to do. Talk to everyone later.
Good job America. I am glad to see your doing a good job. I am glad to see u put an asshole in office. I am glad u want us all to die. I am glad you dont want me to be happy and marry. I am sooooo happy u did the right thing and voted for the right person.

ALL OF U SUCK!!!!!!!!!

FUCK U ALL!!!!!!!!!

I had to listen to Justin all during geometry talk about how much gay ppl sucked. Justine was getting so mad cuz she could see what it is doing to me. I should have said something but my voice was dead. Thank u homephobic ppl for talking away our happiness and voice.

I dont want to go to school tomorrow....i want to stay home and cry for America. I tell u what Bush, if i ever consider religion again u can bet ur ass i will be heading away from the Christian religion.

Kerry is gonna lose and i am really mad. I really wanted the option of getting married someday. Michigan results will be in a second....i am so nervous.

I am 15 today!!!!!!!!!!

I hope i dont fuck up as much this year as i did when i was 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!