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Good job America. I am glad to see your doing a good job. I am glad to see u put an asshole in office. I am glad u want us all to die. I am glad you dont want me to be happy and marry. I am sooooo happy u did the right thing and voted for the right person.

ALL OF U SUCK!!!!!!!!!

FUCK U ALL!!!!!!!!!

I had to listen to Justin all during geometry talk about how much gay ppl sucked. Justine was getting so mad cuz she could see what it is doing to me. I should have said something but my voice was dead. Thank u homephobic ppl for talking away our happiness and voice.

I dont want to go to school tomorrow....i want to stay home and cry for America. I tell u what Bush, if i ever consider religion again u can bet ur ass i will be heading away from the Christian religion.

Hey! Thanks so much i had so much fun! Katie your so awesome!
bush sucks
christians suck
they all suck
but its okay cuz i love you!!!