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I was kinda pissed we didnt have school today. All in all Clawson is my safe haven to get away from this place called a home. I mean dont get me wrong i love my Dad and Amie and all but with my mom's trial wrapping up and all the other shit its chaos. Anyways i am escaping to the mall tomorrow with either Leah or Clare or maybe both. I love how my two worlds collide so nicely at times and crash at other times. I still havent gotten my permit but dad promises to take me monday. He better stay true to his word this time cuz i got dance tryouts tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. No one really understands how bad i want this. Dance is my thing. Its the only thing i am good at and even that is probably not good enough. I mean no matter what went on in my life i always went back and danced. I turned to it and it saved me. I have my doubles down pretty good and my sutes are pretty fair but i can always improve. Thats what i plan to do this weekend. I swear if it wasnt for Katelyn, Ashley, and Marie giving me advice i would be screwed. Oh well it is late and i cant sleep again. Dad and Amie leave tomorrow night and i still am not sure what is going on after there gone. I think u catch my drift......or not. Talk to you later.

Happy B-Day Beth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ladidaaa.. hehee awe katie i miss you!!!

Yes, i will do your layout!!
I didnt get my braces off ]= how sad!
1 more month to go!
hey katie
u can escape to my house and we'll go to mcdonalds coz we can bike there! ffmsofd[akfopakdopksopd,psao

This is
This is to
This is to waste
This is to waste space.

kim~ will u do my layout please? mine is just plain gray and its really plain...
WAIT, hold up!

Your mom's trial STILL hasn't ended?!

Awe, I remember how we ALWAYS
used to run into you guys @
Target ]= <3 I love you <33
Well it is over now. Hey the American legal system is slow and complex. Actually i think everyone is just lazy. U will never believe what my family got outta it though. I miss running into you guys at target too. I will talk to you soon. <3
KATIE!!! i miss you dearly my love. aww hapy birfday bethy!!! duuude i wanna go to target! fun fun fun!!!
DUDE I HAVE HUGE NEWS!!!!!!!! U have to call me!!!!!! The number is 248-546-5883!!!!!!!

I tried calling u at ur dads but he said u where at ur moms and then i realized i left my number book in my locker!!! Call me as soon as possible!!!
mary had a little lamb her father shot it dead. now it goes to school with her between two hunks of bread.

thats sad and funny at the same time..