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Dude the last entry in my livejournal was not written by me. Someone signed in with my password. The police showed up cuz someone from Seattle called and said that i was gonna kill myself. Lol i was upset tonight but not anywhere near killing myself. Geez i didnt even realize this was written until they left. I am not going to kill myself. Lol. Anyways alot of ppl have my password so i am not gonna even begin to think about who it could be, but i am gonna change my password. This is quite funny now that i think about it but geez when the police showed up i almost wet myself. Anyways.......talk to you all later.
WHAT?!?!? they said they wanted tp kill urself??? holy shit thats fucking WEIRD!! anyways.....i have been trying to call you for soooo long but you havent been answering!!! goddammit call me back my love <333333
hey, did you make dance team?!
i was on my schools dance team last year and i had so much fun i went to like the infomation meeting and they changed everything now its 'hip hop team' and i wanted to cry because its so lame now. but i do have dance class at school which makes me happy<3
well i hope you made it!<3
GOOD god dammit!
u had me worried dude, and me worried is bad
what entry?!?!

Omg, today is the craft show.

I want to smell the cinnamon-ness
of STD again!!! *ARGGH*